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Uninsured problem solved

*The Add-a-dependent Plan*



As a society we want healthcare for all but we can't afford another huge government program. What we can do is add dependents to existing plans.

There are approximately 30 million people without the healthcare coverage. This is all about 30 million Americans getting pre-existing, or free medical services.

The “Affordable Care Act” has turned out to be anything but affordable. It doesn’t work. It was designed not to work. Universal healthcare single-payer will bankrupt the country and reduce the quality of healthcare, longer waiting time, shorter visits, less frequency.

Over 60 million people voted for Hillary Clinton, so can we safely assume mostly all of those people who voted expect some kind of free to cheap healthcare services.

There are others who didn’t vote, too young or too old, too sick or too lost who need or could use public assistance to procure some kind of government healthcare coverage.

  • Why do dependents have to be family members?

  • Why can't those who want healthcare for everybody cover the premiums for the 30 million uninsured citizens?

Talking Points

1. If you are one of the 30 million Americans who cannot afford healthcare coverage you simply register on the dependent list.

2. People who are willing to pick up an added dependent simply select one person they would add as a dependent to their insurance plan, at an additional cost to them.

3. With the Added Dependent Plan we would have to make no deductibles for the new added dependent because that would be an undue burden. It would be a non-starter if you were to pick up an added dependent and got stuck with a $5000 deductible for a medical procedure. We can even give a tax write off to those who pick up an added dependent. 

4. If only 50% of Hillary voters added an extra dependent the 30 million uninsured Americans would now be covered!

5. To add a dependent to a health insurance plan is roughly $60-$80 a month and it shrinks government. In contrast, a universal healthcare program would carry a tax far greater than that, and expand government further.

6. One of the benefits of the Added Dependent Plan is it costs no tax dollars. What objection could anyone who wants universal healthcare have to paying a little bit more each month voluntarily? The Added Dependent Plan preserves the free market, and the medical innovation that is necessary to continue to provide services.

7. Now we can also make this plan not limited to picking up one single dependent.     If you spent $1000 a day for two years and nine months you would spend $1 million. But if you spend $1000 a day it would take 2793 years to spend $1 billion. Wealthy individuals, such as the Gates, Oprah, Facebook and Amazon, can easily pay the premium of 1 million people for a year simply by adding a dependent or a family.

The dependent structure of insurance can change, just like when same-sex couples couldn’t share a policy, but now they can.


1. If you need healthcare you put yourself on a dependent list.

2. People who would like to add a dependent will pay the premium at their own expense, like a tax-deductible donation.

3. There is no minimum annual deductible for the added dependent and the employer or employee providing the insurance gets a tax credit.

It can work and it's not a big government program.

We have nobody to point to for the lack of healthcare for others but ourselves.

Uninsured problem solved.

Nicholas Tutora

The voice of Arizonans in the United States Senate



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