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Nicholas Tutora is a pharmacist and father of two students in the public school system in Arizona since 2004. Mostly raised and educated in New York City, he graduated Hunter College, B. A., Political Science; and Long Island University, B.S., Pharmacy, licensed in 1995. As a university representative, and national delegate to the American Pharmaceutical Association, he contributed to practice procedure, crafting policies affecting the practice of pharmacy across the country today.


 Nicholas, 54, is a true patriot who deeply loves and understands the foundation of our newly-formed Republic, the United States of America, less than 250 years in its development. Nicholas has traveled extensively and he enjoys the experience of observing and learning about other cultures and traditions. The History of America is short, but in that short time, we have created an American experience that is coveted by other states. If we do not come together and embrace these United States, she will be a memory, maybe even expunged from history books forever. Just a moment of light, of exploration and invention, we took great strides in medicine and exploration, but also fell for false prophets, bankers and superstars. 


He is committed to ensuring that the next generation of Americans enjoy and appreciate these great freedoms that countless patriots—husbands, sons and brothers—have worked for, have fought and died for. Please vote.

Nicholas Tutora 

the voice of Arizonans in the United States Senate


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