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        Our Republic Belongs to the American People!

1.Washington D.C. requires Citizens not politicians. Arizonans need their voices spoken on Capitol Hill, not the the voices of current Establishment officials that serve their desires and not that of their Citizens.

2. A Senator that will take on the entrenched, unelected, Deep State. The Federal Government is out of control and needs to be made accountable once more to the Electorate.

3. Our Immigration System is so broken that fresh ideas are required. Bowing to the special interests on this matter is not acceptable, but the real human toll must be shown on Our Citizens and those crossing our borders illegally. I support the President's position on immigration.

4. The Government's expanding over-reaches violate the 4th Amendment. A government that can willfully violate our privacy is not a Republic; but rather, it becomes tyranny.

5. Address the growing debt of our families and youth for Higher Education. It is not reasonable to have a young person graduate with a debt that will only grow with interest as they begin their careers.

6. Stand fast in support of the 2nd Amendment. The Founders were clear, “The Right to Bear arms shall not be infringed,” not sure how that can be taken out of context.

7. Healthcare – A candidate that will push for a real “REPEAL & REPLACE."

Committee to Elect Nicholas Tutora
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