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                                                           (R - AZ)

We are living in a very specific time. American democracy as we know it is under attack. Part of the foundation of our country is that election results are honored. However the Democrat Party has violated the social contract. Since the day of the election and even before, the Democrats have been looking for any excuse to disrupt Donald Trump's presidency, with the goal of ultimately removing him from office before for the 2020 election. We have been witness to one fake news story after another. The entire Russian collusion story is indeed a hoax. The left slogan of resistance is completely un-American. Yes, you can oppose the other party, yes you can fight for your agenda, but to resist at all costs is simply undemocratic. The term resistance is indeed a militaristic one.

The President did not take over the United States, he won a free and fair election. To try to remove him from office is violating the will of the American people. The fake news media along with the Democrats and the deep state are saying we the voters don't count. They clearly don't care to honor the election. 

One party wins one party loses, we both still fight for our causes, but we work together. We do not resist and prevent the work of government from being done.

I am a Republican candidate for Congress because I cannot sit by and watch the foundations of our nation being destroyed. American values must be preserved for future generations.

There are many wide ranging issues that must be dealt with. Nuclear proliferation, tax and immigration reform, healthcare, infrastructure and student loans are just a few; they must be addressed. The agenda of the left is destroying the very foundations of our great country. And my fellow Americans once we lose our liberty we will never get it back! Yes we live in a very unique time. A time for patriots to stand up and be counted. I look forward to your support and to serving the citizens of CD 9 as your Representative in the United States Congress.

 With respect,


Committee to Elect Nicholas Tutora
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